Tauranga Fringe Village 2019

Tauranga Fringe Village
26 October 2019
Historic Village Chapel

Video and audio recorded on a DJI Osmo Pocket.

It starts with software. I used a generative application to create each track. This allows me to control parameters for the music to be created within, like scale (major, minor, lydian etc…), notes, velocity and note length. I am then able to introduce different levels of chaos to create randomisation and break the rules I have set for the track.

The musical composition is then fed out to different analog synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. I design or manipulate the sounds on each instrument so that they work well together to make it all feel more cohesive as a composition.

From there the final tracks are recorded down to tape. Parts from each song are recorded to different tracks on the tape so that I can control the different layers within the composition and attempt to structure a song as it plays back live.

The live signal is fed through an array of different effects boxes so that I can further manipulate/mangle/construct an ever evolving song. It is very much a live/improvised experiment that is ambient in nature and a little on the dark side. The more I started to work within this framework the darker the sounds became.