I recently took a dive into some sub genres of electronic music (primarily witch house, vaporwave and dreampunk) which has resulted in an obsession with the “dreampunk” genre. Dreampunk is characterized by its focus on cinematic ambience and field recordings, combined with various traits and techniques from electronic genres such as techno, jungle, electro, and dubstep.

Dreampunk emerged in the mid-2010s. Many early dreampunk artists drew influence from film scores, vaporwave and drum and bass. Dreampunk originates from the debut of 2814, the ambient duo composed of Luke Laurila (t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者) and David Russo (Hong Kong Express). The name is derived from the word cyberpunk because of its frequent use of imagined metropolitan spaces in its sound design, evoking the experience of walking through a futuristic city.

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Check out my Spotify playlist here to start your dreampunk journey…

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