Upcoming Show: Living Sound

I’ll be doing an audio/visual performance for Illuminarti on 29 November, 12-1pm. Living Sound is a live improvised audio/visual experiment using the bio-electrical signal from plants to create music and manipulate projected visuals. Come along, sit down, relax, meditate, dance, experience this sound bath in whatever way you choose. Get all the event details here

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Plants play music

Using a Midi Sprout (now called PlantWave) to read the bioelectrical signal from a plant which is then converted to a MIDI signal and sent to an Arturia MicroFreak. The audio is then sent through a Chase Bliss Mood to add some lo-fi effects and reverb. The plant used was a Maranta Tricolour which was…

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DIY Passive Audio Mixer

I was looking for a DIY project to work on during lockdown and thought a little passive mixer for my eurorack could be cool. I needed a way to mix the 3 voices from my STO module and maybe split the result into 2 outputs so I can send a copy of the signal off…

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