Interactive installations and audio/visual experiences for your special event.

Interactive art installations

If you would like something a little different to entertain your guests I can offer a selection of interactive experiences or work with you to create a tailored experience. This can range from creating a visual work that will respond to people moving in the space or using data to create a generative and ever changing visual/sound experience.

  Installation example

Audio visual experiences

Listen to live music and watch some projected visuals evolve before your eyes. Visuals can be projected onto a wall, building or designed to map a specific space.

  Audio/visual example

Live electronic music

I’ve played everything from parties and cinemas to art exhibitions. Some chilled out electronic music is perfect for your gallery opening night or special event.

  Electronic music example

Improvised/experimental presentations

As an audio/visual artist I am constantly experimenting with new ideas and technologies to push my art into new areas. I really enjoy sharing these experiments with people. These experiments range from using stock market data to generate music and even using the bio-electrical signals from plants to create music!

  Experimental example

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