My exhibit “Unity” is now on at Tauranga Art Gallery as part of their Art that needs you celebration.

The exhibition is free to the public from 24 February – 24 June 2018.

Official Description:

Created by locally-based artist Scott Brown, this interactive digital artwork breaks down the perceived boundaries between people and how they interpret the world around them. Regardless of your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or age, Unity strips back visual signifiers to demonstrate that we all essentially the same.

When you enter the space you are reduced to your simplest form, a series of moving, interconnected lines and sounds. As you react to the work your form becomes fragmented, leaving traces of your various actions.

Cameras are used to plot your motion as points which are then connected with lines to create an artistic form that plays along side you as you move around the space.

The sounds you hear were designed in a virtual sample based synthesiser – as more people occupy the space additional chords will play to create one cohesive drone. This allows people to essentially “play the room” like an instrument.

Photo courtesy of Tauranga Art Gallery

Posted by:Scott Brown

A creative type from New Zealand exploring sound and visual art.

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