I’ve spent the last couple of years dreaming about creating an Audio Visual experience and making audio reactive visuals for live music. I started to learn Max and explore what other people have been creating and things are finally starting to come together with my own work. This year I’ve taken on a role as one of the organisers for the Art of Technology Tauranga and will also be submitting an interactive installation for Tech Week 2017 in May. Participating in these events has allowed me to make some great contacts which will help me progress this new passion and make some new ideas manifest.

This has also opened up some oppurtunities in sound design and Ambitronic spatial sound design, i’ll write a lot more about all of these subjects as my understanding increases and I’m able to create some practical examples. I am very much at the beginning of this journey learning from others and exploring their work but it feels good to be making progress.

Posted by:Scott Brown

A creative type from New Zealand exploring sound and visual art.

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