I had hoped to post more about Art of Technology 2017 but in the final months before opening things just got to crazy to take the time to coherently collect my thoughts about everything that was happening.

It took us over 12 months to organise this exhibition and after 2 and a half weeks of showing how technology can be used creatively we closed the doors on November 5th. In that time we took around 100 children on school tours through the exhibition and featured over 20 National and International Artists work.

As well as being an Organiser I was also an exhibitor and played a couple of live sets. The first performance explored generative music using a modular synthesiser and the second was a full Audio Visual performance where the visuals were projected over a large wall and were reacting to the music.

My exhibits explored motion capture in Max7 and generative design in Processing. You can learn a little more here and see some videos on our Facebook Page.

I also managed to severely sprain my ankle and end up in a moon boot and crutches hours before the opening party so it was an eventful time all round!


Posted by:Scott Brown

A creative type from New Zealand exploring sound and visual art.

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